LOreal USA Consumer Participation Panel

LOreal USA Consumer Participation Panel
Join L'Oreal USA Consumer Participation Panel for a chance to test new beauty products for free.

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I love to get free thing in the mail and doing thing on here I love making money to I like doing survey from home I love doing testing in home product testing in home
Samantha Adams
I would love to be a tester for your products. I love loreal. Use everyday.
I want thal free sample
I would like to try some examples and the full size makeup to but is it free it you have to pay?
havent gotten a survey from them YET! I seriously think it's a waste of time.
cynthia ramirez
I would like to try free samples
I hope to get it, but I hope the best for all members.
Waste of time. Filled out many qualifier surveys but was always rejected. Never received any products for being a member either. Not sure who their target population is to test products but I am a big costmetics/haircare/skincare buyer and do spend alot of money for beauty products
I have been a part of this panel for about 2 years, and have had about 10 surveys with nothing I've qualified for. I have not received any products either like some have said. I hope others would be more successful.
Nicole Becker
I have never received anything from them and I have been on the panel for about 2 years now.