Free Seed Packet to Grow Flowers for Bees

Free Seed Packet to Grow Flowers for Bees
Get your free seed packet to grow flowers for bees. Each seed packet has 200 seeds. Seed packets are available while supplies last.

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not available.
Thank you
Took about 2 weeks, got packet in mail... Waiting for them to sprout now..
Tony Mazz
I love flowers and this will help the declining bee population
Richard Hine
Please send me seefs
Love to plant seeds!
darleen toles
would to hsve seeds I love flowers thank youi
Joan is Stupido really! !
Who does that. Would still love to get samples Thank U
Joan Is. Stupido
"My daughter went out and bought it tiller and she was out in the rain working in the garden. My granddaughter who is fourteen loves to plant flowers so please send us the seeds we have plenty of bees ha ha true"
i want this golden seeds