Free O Organics Salad Bowls (apply, Mom Ambassadors)

Free O Organics Salad Bowls (apply, Mom Ambassadors)
Free O Organics Salad Bowls for Mom Ambassadors. Samples are limited.

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It says on their website not this one but there,if you be selected,/or chosen you will get to try it;I been with them since last month the only thing I received was they veri organic sodas drinks,that delicious me and my groups try it.I even gave my been a month now since I been with them, I am a ambassador mom brenda Spence.I still waiting for the others products i request it said it takes about 6 weeks to receive it.I said count 6 weeks from the anybody apply for it.but they supposed to contact you within 2-3 weeks.
Maria Alvarez
I had put orders in to sample things 3 months ago and have not received anything yet
Linda Kay
I'd love to try this! I'm just starting to buy organic. Hopefully I'll be adding these to my shopping list!