Free Nursery Bag (100 per day)

The reusable Nursery® bag, with storage pouch, is perfect for carrying diapers and wipes, extra clothes or groceries. And, best of all, it is FREE!

Nursery® Water will give away up to 100 bags per day while supplies last.

This offer good only in the United States, U.S. Territories, Canada, and Mexico. Limit one free bag per household. No purchase necessary. Offer good while supplies last. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. (NOTE: may take 3-4 month)

THIS CONTEST STARTS EVERY DAY AT 12-NOON EST, (11am Central, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific).

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Apparantly it is a bag tag now... not a bag? Am I reading this correct? Would have loved to have the bag :)
I recieved mine today...very small n cute. Pink and its a nice size bag unfolded and very small folded up n put in its carrying bag! Thanks a bunch
I won one like 2 weeks ago. You have to be registered before you click to win one or otherwise they will not know your address. Duh! I was already registered. When it was 12, all i had to do was click the button and I won one! & they alreadt had my info. So yay! I won one last week.
Ok then I hope I do get it.
I got in!! Cindy, you had to register on the site before you entered. It will automatically tell you that you won and they will have your contact info to send it.
Congratulations on your win!
Your free gift - a Nursery® Water reusable pink bag will be sent to you shortly.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

But it didnt ask for my address so how can it be send to me6 I wrote Contact & give them my address I sure hope I get it.Thanks
Never got the first one, but doesnt hurt to try again...
I got one! As soon as it was noon I refreshed the page and was able to get it. Just be sure to be registered and signed in.
I keep hearing about this I just had a baby and don't have a lot for her and just wanted to see if this would work for me...I would appreciate it so much
Rhiana - It's because they were still out, they hadn't loaded the new bags yet...