Free MakeUp Eraser Sample

Free MakeUp Eraser Sample

To get a Free MakeUp Eraser Sample - just add to cart and checkout.

UPDATE: new offer

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Angela Mitchell
I ordered mine over a month ago. How are they going to steal my $1. It might just be a $1, bit I worked for that dollar. Sad, sad, sad!!!
Amanda Osborne
Shouldn’t have to pay shipping for a sample of product. Tells me the company has no faith in their product
I just submitted for mine. Shipping is 8-14 days. No credit card or payment necessary!
I'm excited to try it!!
Mine is on its way! I did not have to pay a thing for shipping. Nor enter payment information. Thank you!
Paula Stafford
I really like to try the makeup remover sample.
Not free it’s fake they are charging me 26$ for the shipping
Not entirely free as they are charging (minimum speed delivery method cost) $1.00 for shipping.
I really want this
Claire Thompson
Free stuff and more try your luck and get amazing samples