Free HydroMassage on Tax Day (4/13-17)

Free HydroMassage on Tax Day (4/13-17)
April 13th - April 17th you can experience HydroMassage for free. Just visit this offer, find a location near you, call to reserve your free massage, print out the coupon and bring in to redeem your free massage.

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Sorry your location isn't taking this coupon. Although YOU may think your closest location in YOUR city in MD is the only one that matters in this country, it isn't. So let's go ahead and leave this up for the other MILLIONS of people in this country, which matter too, might enjoy a free massage.
The location at reisterstown road, MD is NOT participating. Please take down
Went to page and link is unavailable
millie rovetta
This offer sounds very interesting.
millie rovetta
Where is this event?