Free Gun Owner's Rights Cards, Stickers and Magnets

Michel & Associates, P.C. is offering Free Gun Owner's Rights Advisory Cards, Gun Safe Stickers and Magnets.

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If you don't install Flash on your system (which is a wise but inconvenient choice) & attempt to download the items (right-click on the black "page" & choose "Download") it crashes your computer. Repeatedly, if you try various approaches to this challenge.
U have to print out the form
Got to form but it would not allow me to fill it out
Bianca welch
It's our right!
Christy G
I really want these items, but when I click on the link it says to click on it won't do anything. I even tried to email them, because they say to click on the link or email them, & it won't let me email them either. So I'm not sure whats going on with it but I'm going to keep trying.