Free Gift Bookmark From Transformation Garden (Religious)

Free Gift Bookmark From Transformation Garden (Religious)
Transformation Garden is offering Free Bookmarks. Just visit this offer and complete the form on the right hand side.

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Julie (again)
*Update to previous post* My mom tried to visit this offer with her smartphone (which is a different/newer) type than mine. The tip I mentioned above worked for me, but not for her. She was able to sign up for the free daily devotional e-mail, but there was nowhere for her to enter her address. She just clicked on the "contact us" link and explained the situation. They replied asking for her address, no questions asked. I'd recommend getting this using a computer. It's MUCH simpler (& takes literally 30 seconds.) Plus, I'm pretty sure they're not going to run out of bookmarks.
If you're using a smartphone, when the website loads, you won't see a direct link to sign up. Instead, you'll need to click on the icon that says "Circle" (the icon is a rainbow.) From there, you'll be directed to a new page where you'll see an icon that says, "Join." Click there, and enter your email address. You'll be signing up to receive a Daily Devotional email. When you join, you'll be asked for your address, and that's where they'll mail your bookmark. Hope this helps!
Dawn, are you using mobile phone?
I cant seem to see the form when i open the link.