Free Color Wow Mini Pop & Lock Hair Gloss

Free Color Wow Mini Pop & Lock Hair Gloss

Get your free mini Pop & Lock ($5 value): A high gloss treatment that works inside and out to repair hair texture and deliver epic shine. Yours free when you sign up for their newsletter. Your free sample will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

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Trina Marie Lawrence
Cool beens
At this time I'm not interested I. A newsletter but you may keep me up to date through my Email
melissa martin
Trying to get the free sample and the address form says "answer" to the left of where I checked united states/zip code. What's the question and what's the answer I AM BAFFLED I have tried everything to answer a non exisistant question on your freebie form but no luck. so therefore I cannot like ur FB page of refer my friends to your company thanks for wasting my time to try ur product that I can not even recieve
Youssef Saalioui
wooooooooooooow you
Lynette Powell
People say it works good so I want to try it
Jocelyn Reynoso
Jocelyn Reynoso
Love to try it
Grant Haun
Can wait for my wife to try it. She loves shine in her hair
send sample please
i want this thing i love it