Free 2018 Christmas Seals

Free 2018 Christmas Seals

American Lung Association - Be part of a long-standing tradition to raise awareness about the importance of lung health by ordering your free 2018 Christmas Seals today.

UPDATE 2/15: The American Lung Association is now offering free Christmas Seals for this year. Signup today and get them sooner!

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Barbara Tester
These are NOT free.. you have to make a donation to get them
my best friend died with lung cancer want to spread awareness
Stacey Hester
My father passed away from lung cancer. I would like to spread awareness
Stacie C.
Thank You
Margo Miller
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Truly appreciated.
Elaina Hannaford
May I please have some Christmas seals? Thank you!!!
I want to check this is real or not
Said that order was fulfilled. Wait and see. Would be nice. Thanks!
Sweet says they will arrive soon :)
Says they can not fulfill any orders @ this time. Too bad too I like getting those every year!