Free Book: Bible Basics (385 pages)

Free Book: Bible Basics (385 pages)
Bible Basics is a 385 page book, outlining the basic doctrines of the Bible. Many have all ready used Bible Basics to study the Word of God for themselves without the aid of any church, sect, priest or pastor.

Bible Basics is available in many languages. Request your free copy today.

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I read the bible every day I want it
@Joan: It isn't the same spelling and though I'm no expert on Unitarians, I don't think that is the meaning...still, I went to the website and read portions of another book and have no idea how they could read the Bible and get some of this stuff! ???
True Christian
Yes please read your bible go to church and live for god and yes Satan is real!!!
Definitely FALSE doctrines. Read your Bible, not this!!!
Arian? Nazi???
Amen! The devil is absoutely real. Please always be careful when reading "bible" teachings. Back it up with the Bible.
Do not be fooled by these teaching, real a real Bible!
Yes, definitely. Read the BIBLE for yourself! :)
Not sure what this book has to do with the "Bible basics" since it throes out 2 of them according to the info you can read right on the info page. Please be careful. If you want to understand the Bible more clearly, buy a version that does not use King James language and ask God to help you understand. Oh my, this will NOT help you! Blessings...
False doctrine!!