Free JIFFY Mix Recipe Book

Free JIFFY Mix Recipe Book

Simply visit this offer and fill out the form to request your Free “JIFFY” Mix Recipe Book. One request per visitor, continental US only.

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joan i i scott
we usee this product quite often but only as muffins
Dianne Crockett
Thank you for this offer.
Midge Wade
Thank you so much!
Dianne Crockett
Thank you
Joan Ratliff
Great offer Thank you
Got mine! Thanks!
can't wait ti learn more ways to cook with Jiffy!
melissa l.
got mine thanks.. BaoBoa..good luck with your cooking journey!!! I love to cook and there is something special about being able to create with your hands! From one foodie..enjoy!
Something new to learn in cooking. Didn't cook in my life so I'm start learning now!!!! :)
I just got this in the mail and can't wait to try it out! There are sooo many amazing sounding recipes! Thanks for the lead!!