Free Boka Toothbrush (Refer 5 Friends)

Free Boka Toothbrush (Refer 5 Friends)
Visit this offer, refer 5 friends and get a Free Boka Toothbrush.
10 Friends - Boka Brush and Floss.
25 Friends - Boka Brush, Floss, and Mint Toothpaste
50 friends - 2 Boka Brushes, Flosses, and Toothpastes.

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When do we receive our free gifts for referring people? It's been a long time, and I haven't received anything yet? Has anyone else received it yet?
Kelsey H
I'll do all of yours if you do mine, please! :)
Kelly Please sign up and use my link, I'll do everyone's too!!
Please use my link, thank you!
Boka Brush
I keep getting the "we're sorry but something went wrong" message Couldn't get it
Irina R
Please use this code!!!