Free Blue Buffalo Baby BLUE ​Chewy Chatterbox Kit (Apply)

Free Blue Buffalo Baby BLUE ​Chewy Chatterbox Kit (Apply)

Apply now for your chance to treat your pup or kitty to Blue Buffalo Baby BLUE, and if you're selected as a Chatterbox, you'll get ONE of the great Chat Packs below:

  • High Protein Puppy Pack
  • OR Moderate Protein Puppy Pack
  • OR High Protein Kitten Pack
  • OR Moderate Protein Kitten Pack

Packs Available: 400

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Phoebie Luckinbill
I have been using Blue Buffalo for my dog, Liam for years. He is a shitzu and will be 10 years old August 28 2022. He is in amazing shape. Still playful and energetic. My BFF's little dog just turned 7yrs. He looks and acts very old. His joints hurt and he won't do much at all. She doesn't expect him to live much longer. She has not been using Blue Buffalo. I took my dog to her vet and she was shocked at how healthy he is and how young he looks and acts. Thank you Blue