FREE Beauty Bag From Dollar General

FREE Beauty Bag From Dollar General

Dollar General is giving away 200,000 free beauty bags and digital coupons. You must have a Dollar General Digital Coupon account, or sign up for, in order to be eligible for a FREE Beauty Bag. Program ends 12/31/21 or while supplies last.


UPDATE: new offer this year.

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Sue Huff
I shop with at your store up here in Taylorsville Indiana since it opened up (thank you for that by the way) my husband and I shop there anywhere from 4 to 5 times a week. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your nifty contest. Sincerely Sue Huff
This sign up probably did nothing more than steal your identity. Took all the personal info then kicks you off…
I received a free bag and coupons. I didn't have to pay for anything.
Yvonne Edwin
I requested this a while back and got the bag and coupons but I had to pay shipping. Beware that this deal is not free and not worth the time as there only were 2 or three coupons in the bag.
Hi I did the survey and I cannot receive the bag because I live in Canada. I wish I would know before I waist my time!!! :(
Lorie A Means
Really. Thank you. I can not eait@
Hoping this is still valid!!
Michelle DAWN Weaver
Flor, you do not have to make a purchase. Not seeing where you got this idea but I got this last year and no purchase is necessary.
Janna DeLissa
please send me a link!
I had to create an account to get coupons which I have to make a purchase for. I will contact them because it says it’s a free bag.