Free Advantage II or K9 Advantix II at Pet Supermarket

Free Advantage II or K9 Advantix II at Pet Supermarket
Get your coupon for a single dose trial pack of Advantage II or K9 Advantix II at Pet Supermarket.

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Lorri Andrews
This is the only stuff that really works. No more fleas and leaves your pet looking healthier than ever...
Just want to let people know, please think twice before buying and using flea tick medications and spot ons on your furbabies. They are pure pesticides. Have you ever thought about how they work? You use it on your dog to kill fleas and ticks within minutes. If you’re using a pill, they have to bite your dog first in order to become poisoned. That means there is poison in your dogs bloodstream and all throughout their body. When you use a spot on, and even a flea tick collar (which also contains pesticides), it all absorbs into their skin and into their bloodstream as well. This becomes very toxic to our dogs, and I can’t tell you how many dogs have died or have had life threatening side effects from these poisons. It’s all the same for heartworm medications as well. I hope people will do more of their own research on this, and find safer, natural flea/tick/heartworm preventatives. Have a nice time :)
Jennifer Crites
I really need this
I love this stuff it keeps my dog bug Free and happy thank you
I love free
Kitty Niday
Qould love to try it
Offer says for K9's...but coupon is only for cats
Nancy R
Took to several Florida locations. Told "No one has them". Frustrating.
Could not save it.
Really need this