FCC and Samknows Giving Away 10,000 Netgear Wireless Routers

Please read the requirements first before applying. The initial testing period is scheduled to last three years. You keep the router after 3 years.

The Requirements:
  • You have a fixed line broadband Internet connection to your residence.
  • You use a standalone device to connect to your broadband service - i.e not a USB ADSL modem.
  • You have a stable broadband connection (i.e. it doesn't disconnect frequently). Note that this is just referring to the connection - not the speed.
  • You are not a heavy downloader. Our tests can only run when your line below a certain traffic threshold, therefore we would not be able to run any tests if your line is in constant use.
  • You have a spare power socket near your existing router (or wherever you plan to connect the unit. Keep in mind that a network cable must run between the unit and your router though! We supply a 1m cable).
  • You need to be on one of the ISPs that we're measuring.
  • You are not an employee or a family member of an employee of one of the ISPs being monitored.
In addition, they ask you to agree:
  • Not to unplug the unit or your ISP's router unless I'm away for an extended period of time.
  • Not attempt to reverse engineer or alter the unit.
  • To notify Samknows if and when I choose to change ISPs.
  • To return the unit to Samknows should I no longer wish to be involved (Samknows to pay reasonable postage costs).
  • To connect the unit in the way described in the documentation.
  • To keep Samknows updated with valid contact details (i.e. email and postal address).
Check their FAQ page for more information.

UPDATE 8/2: They are still looking for volunteers, and in return volunteers will get a free router. (Thanks Cindy)

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I recevied an email from them saying that I qualified and now I'm in step 2, they did a speed test on my line and said I would be notified within 14-21 days
sounds pretty legit