Target: Free Gevalia Coffee Sample

Target is offering free samples of Gevalia Coffee! Just visit this offer, click on "Request Sample" button and follow the instructions to request your free sample.

UPDATE: It appears that this offer may not work properly in some browsers. If you get the page asking for a code, try loading this offer in another browser.

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I got my sample.
ive tried firefox and internet explorer. neither works :(
No problem here. JUST answer that you use a single cup coffee maker, that you haven't heard of gevalia, and that you buy coffee drinks at coffee shops too. I was never prompted for a code. I am using Firefox.
Had to use safari browser then it let me do the coffee survey. The beauty bag you need to go into Target and buy 3 of the qualifing items to get the code on your reciept so you can get the ba. only thru the month of march.
tried to use IE Foxfire and Google Chrome. Wasn't able to get the coffee to load on any of them. The beauty sample bag you need a code from a previous purchase. They are both shown on the same page so it may be confusing.
***CHASE***what did you do to make it work? did you use a code? if so, what was it?
Worked Great :)
More information is needed for shipment
This sample requires a code. You cannot proceed beyond this point. grrrrrrrrrrrr!
It lets me fill out all my info then i get bogus error msg stating This sample requires a code. You cannot proceed beyond this point. If they didn't wanna give away a free sample then why the F do we have to jump thru all these bs hoops for a code that doesn't exist or that we have to find on the receipt. I guess a purchase really is required for this particular so called "freebie".
Eligible purchases will receive a code via receipt throughout the month of March. Enter your code here for your free sample. yeah, i got no code & it didn't ask me a basic math question either. Target blows!