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being careful
I always make sure to read what other people are saying these days.. cause i got scammed by seventeen mag.. if this site is asking for personal information like S.S i am not doing it.. and others do be careful!!!!! ... never know what this site could truly be! ..
There's also a good chance that the people who it did work for are just bots or people paid by the company to leave those comments I looked up the site it is definitely a scam do not take the risk
I just did, now I'm not so sure I should have!
Not giving out my s.s#.
Credit card application. Asks for ss #.
I got a credit card offer, too! Now bracing for the spam! I hate these offers!
I clicked on start survey and it took me to a credit card application, with no chance to move forward without filling out the credit app. RIP OFF!!
Skippy Electrochomp
I have one thing to say; don't lie about your age. If you're a minor, you'll still be able to take a survey.
Web Of Trust says this is an infected site and it can be adding malware or viruses to your computer. Red Flagged, "Extremely High Risk"
all I got was the credit card application... no survey... and I am NOT getting a credit card just so I can earn a dollar!