The Perfect Mother's Day Dinner

If there is any role in society that requires selfless dedication, it's the role of a mom. From culture to culture, mom's are renown everywhere for the love, wisdom, and hard work they exude when raising their children. This Mother's Day, give mom the night off by making a delightful meal that doesn't just focus on food, but on all the ways moms take care of us.

The Day Before:
It's important to be prepared, so the day before Mother's day make sure you take care of a few things.
Decide what you're going to make for dinner. It's a great idea to ask mom what her favorite meal/foods are to get inspiration.
Make a list of everything you'll need to make that dinner.
Go through the fridge and pantry and search for items on that list. If you already have it, cross it off the list.
Take your edited list to the grocery store and only buy those items.
After putting the groceries away, take care of anything that can be done early. This includes any prep work like cutting vegetables, marinating meat, or cleaning dishes you'll need tomorrow.

The Perfect Mother's Day Dinner

Morning of:
Pull meat out of the freezer to thaw (if needed).
If you have little ones in the house, have them create place mats out of construction paper and other craft supplies.

Clean off and sanitize your dining room table.
Dress up the table with a table cloth or table runner.
Lay out your families nicest outfits for dinner.
Play a board game or some other fun activity to enjoy your afternoon together.

Cooking begins:
Depending on what you've chosen to make, cooking times may vary. Hopefully you've set yourself up for success and will be able to dive right into making your dish.

30 Minutes before:
If you have helpers, instruct them to set the table with plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks... or whatever your guest of honor will require for her meal.
If your family has cloth napkins, roll them and tie them up with a pretty ribbon for an extra special, feminine touch.
Get the family changed into their nicest outfits.

Show mom that she is special by seating her at the dining room table and serving her plate to her before anyone else.
Start dinner conversation with reason's you love/appreciate/admire... mom.

Go the extra mile by cleaning up the dinner table, doing dishes, sweeping under the chairs... whatever mom would normally do after a meal!

Remember, the goal of this whole evening is to create a happy and relaxing environment where you highlight and treasure all the ways mom takes care of you. Give the gift of an evening where she doesn't have to do anything. Thank her for all the little things she does for you. Make sure you get everyone involved in the celebration by assigning jobs to each family member! With teamwork and great attitudes, mom is certain to look back on this Mother's Day with a warm heart and a big smile.