Patriotic Angel, Butterfly or Smiley Face for Hope

Request it only if you are in need of hope. Please be sure you supply a full name and address of recipient or the request will not be processed.
~Angels of Hope~

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It worked for me very easy but its been a month now, and i still have not gotten my butterfly. It's a scam.
mine worked... i hop to get it
didn't even send me to the registration page!
i got mine too
had no problems with it. waiting for it to come now.
I requested this before for a family member and I did receive mine.
Webpage not found
After nearly an hour I got this message: Thank you for your request. You can be assured your request will be filled as quickly as possible. At the present time we have a small backlog. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me by clicking on the "Email Cindy" button above. Please help us keep this website going, and continue to help others. Thanks! Hopefully that means it will be coming.
Something is wrong with the link, after you get everything filled out, it times out and say's 'NO DATA"
after hitting submit it does nothing and keeps timing out.