5 April Fools Day Practical Jokes That Leave Everyone Laughing

Just about everyone has been a victim of some type of April Fools prank or practical joke at one point in their life.  The first day of April has long been honored as the day to catch someone you love by surprise with a well planned scenario that creates magical memories for a lifetime.  It is all administered in fun with no harm intended.  It is a special time set a side to bring a smile to those we love.  Let us take a journey together to explore some of the fun pranks and practical jokes that have left everyone laughing.

There are many harmless but fun practical jokes that can be administered with very little effort.  We have limited them to 5 that should do the trick:

  1. Everyone loves a practical joke that leaves someone getting wet.  If you have a sprayer in your kitchen sink than you have a wet surprise waiting to be unleashed.  Simply hold the spray lever down with a rubber band then aim it towards its potential victim.  The next person to turn on the water will take an unexpected shower.
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  3. I think that most people have been out driving when they have noticed that someone has evidently forgotten a drink on top of their car.  All of the drivers frantically try to bring it too their attention.  You can make a joke of this by using a magnet to place your empty cup on your car.  Just look at the attention you will receive.
  4. Here is a fun trick to pull on someone.  Grab a full glass of liquid and tell someone that you want to fool that you can lay your hand flat on the table and balance the cup of liquid on it.  Then you can challenge them to try to do it with both hands.  Once they place both hands on the table and you place a glass of liquid on each one simply walk away and watch their face.  They will be trapped.  If they move their hands the drinks will spill.
  5. If you really want to drive someone crazy place a note on their car that apologizes for a dent and leaves phony information on how to call and get the insurance information straight.  Then all you have to do is set back and watch them run around the car searching for the dent.
  6. Perhaps one of the grand daddy's of all pranks is the famous short sheeting of the bed.  All you do is take the top sheet and tuck it in at the top of the bed under the pillows.  You then fold the sheet from the bottom up towards the top of the bed so that it appears the bed is normally made.  It will seem that way until someone tries to get into bed and can't figure out why they can't get in.  This practical joke is famous throughout the military.

This is only a handful of the many pranks and practical jokes that can be utilized on April Fools Day.  There is no good substitute for a great smile or the sound of someone laughing.  We can all use a good laugh now and then.  So this April Fools Day take a moment to leave someone you love laughing.

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