Free White Cane (for blind or visually impaired)

Free White Cane (for blind or visually impaired)
Visit this offer and follow the instructions to request a Free White Cane from The National Federation of the Blind. The cane must be for personal use. This offer only for blind or visually impaired people.

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if your near 511 and 6ft what size of cane would that be
carl king
if you want me to beg thats not what im gonna do i cant even see my own hands and feet
got mine last week it comes in a long white tube!!!!!!!
This link is not working is it over with?
general common sense
Because, people who care for them, can order it for them...and they also have programs that read the words for them... you might want to demote yourself. Btw spend time commenting on something negative. A free walking stick ad, someone had something bad to say...smh..
captain obvious
If this is only for the blind and visually impaired why would they put it online?! These people can't read this!!!
How fast did it come?
It arrived so fast, I was amazed. I got a note from usps saying I wasn't home to sign for the package. I was wondering what the package could be, because I don't remember ordering anything recently, then I saw the long tube and I realized what it was. I belive it arrived in less than a week.
just got mine on the 15th of october!
just got mine in about a week!