Free Vote No on The Anti-Marriage Amendment Sticker

Free Vote No on The Anti-Marriage Amendment Sticker
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Heidi Hammond
The site you're taken to has nothing to do with the anti-marriage amendment
im with vanessa. anyone who thinks they have the natural right to decide the way another being should live deserves a reality check to the face
Only straight people can have gay children. Tell them to stop birthing gays if you don't like it. Meanwhile grow the hell up. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Where can I get a free "Vote YES for marriage" bumper sticker?
You guys are all nuts! You must have better things to do then bash people you don't even know!! You'll never get one side to believe in the other sides beliefs. You'll take up your past with God when the time comes. For now there is enough time and money wasted on stupid rally's, petition, ect arguing whose side is better. People get a life, were here for offers not petty debates.
Wow, I never thought I would see this on this site. Spewing hate and bible thumping because some people are different in your eyes. Just a reality check, I am the mother of a gay son....I raised him to be a wonderful human being and a productive member of society. Why should he not be afforded the same liberties as everyone else because he is gay? I have known since he was 5 and I could care less and love him to death! I think all people deserve to be happy in life, we only get one shot, and if that is their choice it should be respected just as yours should be respected. Everyone has the right to their opinion, everyone has the right to disagree, but Heath you might be shocked to find your doctor might be gay, your boss, your dentist or maybe your best friend. Maybe you should stop judging people as a whole and realize these are PEOPLE.
One more thought for u Heath bar.. Whether you like it or not-- your kid that you hope never has to witness a gay person.. Will grow up in a society where gays serve his country, hold high positions in legislature, are doctors, and lawyers, and decision makers, and are already allowed to be married in many places... So whether you like it or not.. Immigrants will keep coming and people will keep being gay and there's nothing you can do about it! You are correct.. This nation was founded o Christian beliefs.... and slavery... And beating and raping and robbing natives of their dignity. I suppose people like you think slavery should still legal. And the preacher above is probably your neighbor! You two should hook up and go door to door preaching your beliefs! Stay in your small town though because you might get beat up in any big city.
oh and ps Heath... scandals happen consistently in heterosexual marriages. A large percentage of military marriages are out of convenience or "for the money." and to bash immigrants is to bash yourself... As I'm pretty sure with a name like Heath you're not Native American and your ancestors were immigrants at one point. ignorance is bliss... so be blissful! :)
Its funny Heath, bc if your child decides to be gay one day--- ur probably the last person that will find out about it. at least we can all celebrate one thing-- free stuff!! gays, lesbians, transgendered, straight, we all bleed, we all love, we all feel... do keep ur opinions to urself if u have nothing nice to say. And that's unfortunate about helping on the side of the road... Because if you were broken down I would help you,, and any of ur friends who want to say hurtful things and degrade things and people who are different. I hope the offspring you make aren't as closed minded and hateful and you are.
"Judge not less ye be judged." It is not our place to decide weather or not people can be in love. God is love. Love comes from the heart. The heart loves who it loves. We are NOT to judge.