Free Vintage Posters (Redwood Creek)

Register for free at Redwook Creek Blaze the Trail and select one out of six three free posters offered at the bottom of the registration form.

"As a thank you for joining Blaze the Trail please select the Vintage Print of your choice! You can earn more Vintage Prints by participating on the site and earning "corks" Redwood Creek's virtual currency. You can earn corks lots of ways by sharing photos, recipes, answering polls, unlocking Corkordinates, and much more"

*** due to state laws, vintage posters are not available to residents of CT, KS, MT and UT.

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Sandy Adair
This promotion ended last year. :)
if you do this dont get the creek onw when you sign up because you will hvae 100 corks you can spend on it later.
when you sign up you receive 100 cork points which you can in turn get another print for 100 cork points so i got two very nice deal thank you
melanie arnold
I received the poster w/ the redwood trees. It is just lovely and retro. I will have to frame it. I would love more like this one. HINT. HINT.ha,ha.ha. lol lol