Free Together Rx Access Prescription Discount Card

Mary H. sent us a good freebie tip, below is the copy of the email and more information about eligibility and how to enroll.

"Vlad- Hey! How are you this morning, I hope that you and your family had a very blessed Christmas. I just want to say thank you-once again, and also to let other subscribers know about a freebie offered that is well worth the time applying for it.

The offer for the Together Rx prescription discount card is a true life saver. We applied for it when my husband was between jobs and we didn't have insurance coverage yet. (That sounded bad, my husband was an over the road truck driver, and because of my health issues, had to quit and find a job closer to home so he could be with me more.). Anyway, we didn't ever have a chance to use it until last weekend. We both now have health insurance, BUT, it will not cover my husbands blood pressure medication. (And we don't have $300.00 for 2 scripts.) So, we took a chance, and ran the card through hoping for some kind of discount. Vlad, we paid $15.00 for both prescriptions. It took that much off! I don't know who came up the program for this card, and it doesn't really matter. there is no expiration date on it, and you can use it for just about any med. out there.

Just wanted to let your other subscribers know, that don't wait. If you have no insurance, please sign up for this. There are no health questions, and if you don't have coverage, you will get your card in about a week. They send you 2 if you are married, and you can add your spouse/other to it and they are covered automatically.

God bless you and your website for all you do for us. Mary H."

Thank you Mary. I did some research and found more information from their press release at

New Together Rx Access™ Card Offers Americans With No Prescription Drug Coverage Savings At The Pharmacy Counter

"To qualify for the Together Rx Access™ Card, applicants must be legal U.S. residents, not be eligible for Medicare, without public or private prescription drug coverage and with incomes of up to $30,000 for a single person or $60,000 for a family of four (income eligibility is adjusted for family size).6

In addition to participating in Together Rx Access, each of the 10 participating companies independently offers Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). People applying to enroll for Together Rx Access will be automatically notified if they may be eligible for further savings -- and in some cases free medicines -- through these PAPs."

How to Enroll

"Those who qualify can enroll immediately in the Together Rx Access Card program free of charge by calling 800-444-4106 or visiting The Together Rx Access Card will be effective mid-February, 2005. Enrollment forms and information also will be available through participating pharmacies and in physicians' offices."

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