Free T-Shirt: Trust me... I'm (almost) a Nurse

Free T-Shirt: Trust me... I'm (almost) a Nurse

Board Vitals is giving away free t-shirts: "Trust me... I'm (Almost) a Nurse"

While supplies last. Limit 1 t-shirt per person.

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Nishaie Pittman
I would like to reveive a free t shirt
Abd Alnaser
Thank you very much
Nichole Cammon
I'm truly almostva nurse. Completed my associates degree now working on bachelor's.
Dee Sevier
My daughter Graduates in December for RN!!!!
Annette Cavyell
What an awesome t-shirt thank you so much for the opportunity to have one for myself
Chandell Jones
Can I please get a size 3xxxl due to my pregnancy?