Free T-Shirt and Jeans From ZOZO

Free T-Shirt and Jeans From ZOZO

ZOZO is giving away free t-shirts and jeans. First 40,000 people will get them free! Visit this offer and follow the instructions listed on their website.

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broken expired freebies
Khalid Benomar
Hi, I am Hamza from Morocco. I have many friends on Facebook and love this kind of special shirts and it would be wonderful to share them in return send a free shirt
Bonita English
Hi ZOZO gang I signed up once before for the free clothes but never received. I was really looking forward to them for I've been out of work since July 2016 due to severe illness and many hospital stays. I have no income my poor son has been paying all of our bills with his little disability check he had a stroke at 23yrs old his right side was effected and has to walk with cane. He also has Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Don't remember last time he was able to buy new clothes or anything for himself. So I keep looking online for companies that give free clothes so far gotten 1 t-shirt. We are hoping my disability appeals court date with judge happens soon and he or she approves me. All I can do is pray and know god has his hand on my shoulder. I just had a heart attack and respiratory failure my Dr said im so run down from taking care of everyone was my bodies way to say slow down and start taking care of myself. I am newly diagnosed with Severe Chronic Crohns Disease go for 3 hr IV Remicade every 8 weeks
Terence Williams
I thank you
John H Dinetti
You can send me anything as long as it's free
Free tee and pants ps size 36
Amanda Hugginkiss
They sent a tailor to my house to measure me, but I wasn’t home so they measured my cat.
Yvette Gordon
Please send me a free t shirt and jeans
Too good to be true! Nothing happens after you make your selections....