Free 2-year Subscription to Women's Health Magazine

Free 2-year Subscription to Women's Health Magazine

Get your FREE 2-year subscription to Women's Health Magazine today!

Women's Health is your go-to destination for new workouts, legit nutrition advice and weight loss tips, the latest health news, healthy recipes, and more.

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Heather Gimbel
I love it!
I love this magazine! Thanks! :)
Jackie Ford
Waiting on my magazine please send it, Thank You.
This offer says out of stock
Kia Jones
Our of stock
That's better than ordering the audiobooks. I have not gotten a single one; however, I have 2 Maxim, WSJ, Bloomsberg, Forbes, and another couple of them (I think one is Barrons (sp)), all from Rewards Gold. I think that when it comes to magazine subscriptions, RewardsGold is so much easier than other sites when it comes to racking up points...The only bad thing I can say about the company is the issue about the audiobooks. The WSJ started dropping off my porch in less than 2 weeks, which surprised me a lot...though the Maxim took about 6 weeks (and for some reason I get 2 of them--I do keep a tally and ordered it only once). It's definitely worth an afternoon, just make sure to use the option where you have to comment as it gives you 500 points instead of the 250 you get if you only do the surveys.
I clicked on it and it said "This reward is unavailable" and "Click here for more reward opportunies." I clicked and up popped the Wall Street Journal! Not quite the same type of "opportunity".
too much work and too much small print to bother with..