Free Subscription To US WEEKLY

Free Subscription To US WEEKLY
Get your Free Subscription To US WEEKLY from Rewards Gold!

UPDATE 2/12: available again

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completely lame offer
hope I get it. Everyone is complaining about too much questions to be answered and typing. That's nothing. It took me literally 5 mins but what can I say I am fast lol
Emily kindel
Please do not e-mail me other offers
Lydia diego
I love free I have received so many free magazine. .
I think it's ridiculous all the information that they want I don't mind taking the survey its like a essay you have to write about soap
too complicated with all the questions i filled it out it didn't go through!
I can't stand all the questions when I'm already a member, I still have to go through all of that crap?! No thanks!!
Got it! Absolutely worth the typing
Well worth it... Got mine Who cares about the typing when it's free
Thanks so much. I was able to get the offer after answering a survey about soap and deodroant. It's definitely worth it. This is the second time I've completed this offer.