Free Subscription to Tennis Magazine

Free Subscription to Tennis Magazine

Get your complimentary one-year subscription to TENNIS magazine from freebizmag.

UPDATE 3/20: available again

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Cherokee Meek
I received this magazine and I wish I never ordered it! I hate tennis and this magazine is a real bore! It's automatically tossed in the trash receptacle upon receiving! I'd rather have football!
erica Fernandez
I will love to try it
Sounds interesting. Will follow up on the offer
Isn't instant, it's slow." That the electronic era for you.
Amy, people have come to refer to mail as snail mail, without even realizing that it means really slow. They assume: "If
I work for USPS snail mail is offensive. We get the mail to you as fast as physically possible. We get a piece of mail we deliver it the day we get it. And unlike email no one will read it.
This is a come on deal so be careful!
Kate, no this one is by snail mail.
kate hosler
Is this an on line magazine,because I didn't get a form for an actual address or thru your jungle of what to you do hoops?
kate hosler
My daughter will love this. Thanks!