Free Subscription to Maxim Magazine

The complimentary 1-year Maxim subscription is sponsored by A Simple Internet. Quantities limited.

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Well this wasnt for Maxim magazine it was for some other crap magazines i didnt fall for it.
Watch this. They will drive you nuts with phone calls. The free thing is just a bait to get your info.
I ordered this for DB a few weeks ago. We are now receiving phone calls telling us that we need to "Update" our credit card info. The caller said he already had our card information and that the card started with a "5". He also said our card had already been charged $3.99, a couple times. When DB went to check his account the caller hung up on him. DB called the bank where the credit card is isued from and explained the weird phone call. The bank rep. said that all MC's start with a "5" and it's a scam. She has heard of this before and the bank is investigating it on behalf of others who fell for the BS. When DB googles the phone number of the scammers, it was in fact a scam...Well, that number is linked to a scam, anyway. Just a friendly warning to my fellow freebie hunters.
Had to make up a business name. Wouldn't take it without a business name.
Never mind, I just got the email confirmation. Sounds good.
Easy to fill out, I submitted the form and then it asked me to buy some magazines. I couldn't exit out of that so I don't know if I'm receiving the mags. I received no confirmation.