Free Subscription to Guitar Player Magazine

Free Subscription to Guitar Player Magazine
Get your FREE one-year free subscription to Guitar Player magazine.

UPDATE 7/14: offer is back

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Dave Mealiff
Great offer
this just popped up on my notifications and says its expired.
Link does not work.
The link to complete the order does not work.
Karen b good
I received my free guitar player mag 2 thumbs up
Deanna Jennings
My husband has 4 guitars and loves to play. He is self taught but can read music. This would be a wonderful gift for him
Jonah Whale
Unavailable as of 7/22/13
I signed up. Got confirmation email. Now, just waiting for the magazine. It's been a couple of weeks - too soon to expect it, but will keep you posted.
Just submitted mine-no problems. Just keep going to the next page.
Ok here it goes... This is free without purchase... At the additional offers first page just click proceed (no need to check yes or no) next page has a little "no thanks" link click it and the mags will be sent... Totally works without purchase Nicole!