Free Subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine (digital)

Free Subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine (digital)
Get your complimentary 7-issue Cosmopolitan magazine subscription.

UPDATE 9/23: working again

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Sold out as of 5/21/13
Love Cosmo !!
I wish it worked for Canada too... we're left out of a lot of these great deals
Thank you
Starting doubting it was free, but I received my confirmation page at the end! Can't wait to start getting them free! :)
keia jenkins
Love it
Be Careful guys, at the last part, a popup comes up and wants you to pick up to 6 subscriptions and asks for credit card info. If you exit out of the popup, there will be a conf. page. Still free! Just look for the popup and exit out :)
it told me cosmo was sold out then it made me do all these surveys and answer questions about my job to send me some other magazine (I have never heard of it before but it looked interesting) and then after I filled everything out it wanted me to buy other subscriptions in order to get what I went there to get in the first place. NOT FREE.
Thank you for the email confirmation, too.
Yes! I got it! Free subs to Cosmo are rare, and their subs are rather pricey. So glad I got this one!