Free Subscription to CBS Watch! Magazine

Free Subscription to CBS Watch! Magazine

Visit this offer and sign up for a Free Subscription to CBS Watch! magazine.

WATCH! is the official magazine of CBS, a glossy, entertainment focused magazine that gives readers a window into the world of glamour and celebrity through their favorite stars.

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Paula Steiger
Why am I receiving this magazine? I never subscribed and do NOT want it and do not want to be charged for it!
David Reavis
I don’t know how I got this magazine.
Gerri Fox
I got a magazine. I don’t want this subscription please cancel
Mary Grace
Why am I suddenly getting Watch! magazine? I never asked for it. I don’t even watch CBS. Hope I am not paying for this
Gale Mcdaniel
I am getting this magazine in the mail never sign up for it,if I am paying for this please cancel the magazine.
Jill Ford
Can never get the good magazines with all the money they make they are overstocked and people lose out not fair!!
Linda Sanders
Tried to get this magazine, but the order form wouldn't let me.... BUMMER!!!
Ronald Oliver
Thank you.
Would someone mind telling me what this is all about place?
I'm looking forward tho getting the magazine
Kris Janelle
I can't wait to see third magazine. I hearts it's awesome
So not about CBS tv
not free
John Hart II
BITE ME !!!!!!!!
John Hart II
Thank you for your generou offer Collect watches and clocks. I will read each issue from cover to cover.
John Hart II
I have 23 watches and 22clocks. Love them!