Free Stickers from

Free Stickers from
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Its not that hard

1. put a random product search, i did halo reach. "Buy or Rent"
3.on bottom of screen it says "Start price comparison" click on it
4.Click buy these (your not going to buy them)
5.Then on the screen are steps (1,2,3...) then in small letters is step 3 right under "next steps (optional)" on request a bunch of free bigwords stickers
7.Fill out you info and wala!!! mission complete
It was confusing, but if you follow the steps that Bigg posted in a comment it works :)
Expecting my sticker soon. Thanks!
This is how you work the free sticker deal...
1. Do a random product search using the bar with 'TEXTBOOKS!' attached to it. You can literally search anything...I searched for 'Acrylic Revolution'.
2. When you get your search results, just select the first thing that comes up and click the 'ADD TO BOOK BAG (BUY)' button.
3. After adding the item to your book bag a little bar pops up at the bottom that says 'START PRICE COMPARISON!'...Click on that.
4. After you've done that, you will be directed to your shopping attention this is where it gets weird...
On the shopping cart page there is a button that says 'BUY THESE' as well as whatever price the books my case the button says 'BUY THESE: $15.01'... Click on this button. (Don't worry you don't have to buy anything or enter any payment info).
5. After clicking the 'BUY THESE' button you will be taken to a page that says 'step-by-step directions to low price nirvana'. This page tells you how to buy books but ignore it. Scroll down below the 'STEP' box and you will see another box that says 'NEXT STEPS (optional)'...under this you should see step 3 which FINALLY says 'request a bunch of FREE BIGWORD STICKERS' it and fill that thing out and you have finally placed your free sticker order...

Good Luck and God Speed
here's johnny!
way too confusing...
Don't see any link for the free stickers, just takes me back to the same page.
Lisa wright
How the heck do you get to the stickers uuurrrrggggg
can't seem to figure out how to get the free stickers... anybody else know?
kathleen arnett
Please send me stickers for my daughter thanks