Free Sticker: Moms Changing More Than Diapers

Free Sticker: Moms Changing More Than Diapers
Get your new free MomsRising Bumper Sticker: "Moms Changing More Than Diapers"

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it is free you just have to read! fill in youR info on the first page and submit! the second page has nothing to do with the FREE sticker! no paying READ
I got mines for free i put it on my skateboard
not free
Thanks Sarah! The confirmation that your sticker is on its way is what asks for the donation.. not something you have to do
You don't have to pay anything! You enter your name and address. Send. On the next page they tell you on the right that it takes 6-8wks and that you don't have to pay to receive your sticker. They are just asking for a small $2 DONATION!!
Free (it says on the right to wait 6-8 weeks) however a donation is appreciated. Said mine went through
Not free at all. 2$ small donation and will not go through unless you provide payment info.
No really free - they want a $2 donation to their org