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Pearly Sammons
Worked inside coal mine 43 years
To Ac, Does that stand for Asanine Cretin? Do you know how the light bulbs light up in your house, stores, schools? How citizens of KY, VA, PA, WV make a living? Your kind will save an owl but kill a baby. You are a complete idiot.
I'm not even going to respond. All I can say is I'm from CA and now I live in WV. You will NEVER see more homeless children (many living without running water in shanties) as u will see in this state. Coal fuels this state, and it's WV's primary source of $. Rarely are any "Eco" people ever trying to help out this states problems (such as being available to foster/adopt the homeless kidding are here). If u took away coal, you'll take away more homes from children.
As an eco person, I hate hate hate coal. But i'll take a sticker cause it charges them.
booo find a resource that isn't finite.