Free Square Credit Card Reader

Free Square Credit Card Reader
Square let you accept credit cards quickly and easily, using what you already have in your pocket: your phone. Visit this offer and sign up to get a free Square Card Reader.

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hi im sayer and i would like the credit card reader please
Please send it to me please
I'm a LONG-time ID theft victim. I guard my SS# like Fort Knox & remain very aware that all my efforts could easily be in vain. I PROMISE YOU THAT CARELESSNESS (and I wasn't careless!!) WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!!! Just image being in the CHEX System, where you'll be BLOCKED FOR LIFE FROM EVER OPENING A CHECKING ACCOUNT AGAIN, AND THEN HAVING YOUR ONLY REMAINING ACCOUNT COMPROMISED SO THAT THE BANK CLOSES IS ON YOU!!!! Do not EVER give ANYONE other than the IRS ANY PART of your SS#!!!!! (And it would be better if you didn't have to give it to the IRS, either. Our gov't no longer seems capable of protecting our most vital information. :-(
angel hernandez
Cool !!
W/O knowing about this deal, my husband went and bought this at the store for $8.00. It came with a $10 account credit AND when he signed up and registered online, it said that they were sending him a free reader. Spend $8 and get $18 back? Sounds better than free!
This thing is so neat! makes business awesome!
I'm not giving my social!
Your requesting a device that can read credit cards and access their funds. If you have issues with giving your SS number, you have no reason to request the reader.
Jen Garner
No it doesn't require your whole SSN just the last four digits but you do have to answer 3 security questions about yourself