Free Similac Formula Samples and Coupons

Free Similac Formula Samples and Coupons

Register for Similac StrongMoms and they could send you two (2) full size cans of similac infant formula, four $5 off similac coupons, The Art of Feeding - The StrongMoms Guide to Nutrition brochure and other useful information. Not to mention all the other great benefits and fabulous offers you will get when you register.

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Nikara Jackson
I love Similac
No longer available
I just joined :)
Sara I exclusively breast feed w/ little formula I have a 4 1/2 month old and haven't had to really buy formula b/c the LORD has blessed me to b able to successfully breast feed occasional formula so if I get ne coupons on ne formula I can mail them to ya need ur info plz email me if interested: don't fax or email will have to send by snail mail plz put a topic/ subject on
I have signed up long time ago and haven't received anything!
Is it FREE to join similac strongmoms? Or is there a catch?
Anyone plsssss if have similac advance coupons abd they dont need it pls pls can you send them to me, im a new mom of 3 montgs old baby... Pls help me ill really appreciate :)
Recieved my offer...thanks Similac for the great money saving offers and formula that I have recieved this helps me and my family save some money and helps out our family...Thanks again
I signed up about 3 months ago and never got anything
ashley Donaldson
I also signed up and never received anything. After 3 months I called and thy sent me 2 coupons and a small sample.
Signed up and never got anything :(
I only got one can. & I think u can use different names at the same address
I have a six month old lil girl she likes the similac formula alot!
is it possible to get more free forumulas by registering more times by different names and e-mail address?
Terri p
I got 2 full ones. Over $25.00 worth!
i didn't get any confirmation i'd receive anything

Got it thx
Great offer! Got mine in the mail a couple days ago. Took about 3 weeks.
Kerri beth
I exclusively breastfeed my new baby but would like to try something as a back up in case I not producing enough milk. thanks!
ok, so i think all you have to do is sign up for the site. not sure wasn't a clear confirmation. And thanks for the tip about the exclusive breastfeeding.