Free Shabbat Candle Lighting Kit

Visit this offer and use the form to request your free Shabbat Candle Lighting kit.

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not available.
i would love to get this candle. thanks
I didn't do this offer cause I already have "the kit"! since many years ago. And yes,I'm a jew born. I have my candles and pray book. I would suggest anyone to get this if you want to explored info about Shabbat. =)
This is for Shabbat only
Emily W
It says on the website that it is a request for a free guide. There is no mention of free candles (at least not anymore). I filled it out anyways. Would be nice to read up on (even though I'd like free candles too).
To all the comments above ^^ you have to click on the offer. You don't just leave comments here.
coren cruz
Please send me these candles, i love candles and would love to try it out. Thanks!
Ana Moreno
I would love to bring these candles to my boyfriends family dinner
tara carney
I love candles!!!!! And I would LOVE ro try these!!!
Michele Vennochi
I would love to try these candles