Free Samples of Forms, Envelopes, Folders and more from GreatLand

Try it First. GreatLand want you to feel confident placing your order. That's why they offer complimentary samples delivered to your door. No charge for samples, no shipping fee. It's that easy!

UPDATE: Offer limited to 10 items max. You also may expect call from them to verify your order. Thanks Amanda

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The free samples are exactly that, no shipping charges, no surveys, no participation stuff. Nice, I will shop for my place of business after checking out my FREE stuff.
Thank You for choosing Greatland. We appreciate your order and look forward to assisting you again. 10 products (folders & postcards)
The free samples are "free". You can order items and pay for them.
I never gave them my phone number and they called me. Looked up using my address to get my number. Sneaky.... I dont like that in a business. However it is because they want to help you- of course getting you to buy the stuff.