Free Real Texan T-Shirt

Texas Steakhouse offers three levels of membership, all of them completely free! Sign up for a Gold Spurs Membership and invite 5 friends to qualify for a free t-shirt. You will also get monthly coupons good for $5 off any purchase of $25 or more and top of the list, no wait seating.

NOTE: This offer is only valid for North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

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Its funny how it's a Texan shirt and they don't even have a place there and they don't ship there
I got my shirt!

My shirt came today in the mail. I think that delivery only took 1 week. It is sooo cute! And, it's pink. That is my favorite color this season.

They also sent me a meal card. I can't wait to use it, y'all!
WTH !! I wanted to do this deal so my 11 yr old Texan cowgirl could have the shirt but TEXANS can't apply! RUDE. Guess they don't want our free advertisement, cause my daughter would wear it ALL the time.
there is a texas roadhouse near me but it doesn't cover my state this is bull*#$%!!! Should cover anywhere there is a texas roadhouse!
wont let me submit
page is not working what a bummer!
So....I live in Texas...but I cant get a Texas t-shirt? REALLY?!
As a resident of Texas I find this whole thing crap. Can't get anymore misleading than this!
wow *confused*
Got my t-shirt today!