Free Product Samples from PINCHme

Free Product Samples from PINCHme

Want to try amazing samples for FREE? Sign up to PINCHme to claim a bunch of amazing samples each month, delivered straight to your door, in exchange for your feedback! That's right, all for free.

Just choose samples to add to your PINCHme box. No credit card required + free shipping on every box.

UPDATE: new samples available

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PinchMe sends out ur samples but only if you actually do what is required example give ur feedback on ur samples and go in the site daily and try and fill out the offers for the daily items you can get. It takes a while to receive your items but u can check ur shipping. The items are always very nice. Couldn’t ask for a better freebies site.
You have to apply every month and choose your samples. You also have to provide feedback and reviews for the products you receive . I have gotten great boxes every month for over two years! Love PINCHme
Mrs Angelina Grimes
Yes Please send me all of your Free Mail Samples to me. Thank You
Mrs Angelina Grimes
Please send me all of your Free Mail Samples to me. Thank You
roni osterhoudt
When does this will start ? I can't understand why ìs this taked?
I’ve had this for a while and they haven’t come in yet.
Still not available in Canada. Sigh.
Angel N Burd
I signed up at some point (don't remember doing it, that's how long ago it was) and I did receive one box of things. Pretty decent stuff. But that was a while ago as well, and nothing since. It is definitely not monthly like they say.
Vanita atul kondikire
not good
I signed up some time ago but have not received anything. Just wondering/
Wow! This sounds great. I’m in!
Try for our new product now
Dave Fajardo
They have shipping delays since September not working any more
I have claimed samples since november 2020 an have not received them.Looks like awesome samples but you never get them.
Willmesha s HarveyRomeo
I love free samples!!!
Humaira Kolsawala
i also wanna try the products
Free samples
Virginia Carpenter
Enjoying free samples
Best app ever