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*Liberals protest War Conservatives protest Healthcare* 5.5" x 1.38" black and white vinyl

*What kind of Person Protests Healthcare* (formerly "What kind of human protests healthcare") 5.5" x 1.38" black and white vinyl

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It took me to a porn site
Lol, pathetic.
liberal scum
Marine Wife, really, the marines are still voting for McCain? Hmm last time I checked the election ended two years ago... And marines will vote for McCain because they were raised in stupid homes from hick families with no higher education.
I think the ones about the healthcare are great!
Thanks but no thanks.
Marine Wife
Im the kind of person who protest healthcare! The kind of person who does not want my tax money to go to helping people KILL BABIES! BTW if a vote for McCain is a troop dead then why are all the Marines I know voting for him?? Exactly.
Please only send request if you intend to use the sticker.