Free PETA Kids Comic Books

Free PETA Kids Comic Books
If you're curious about how animals on farms are treated or about what goes on in animal testing labs, then you need our PETA Kids comic books. This month, PETAKIDS giving away a four-pack of comics, including A Rat's Life, A Chicken's Life, A Cow's Life, and An Elephant's Life.
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Yep, won't be taking advantage if this offer. Meat eaters in our house . Scaring kids with graphic comic books is wrong. Let them grow up and make a decision about that
Oh great just what a youg child needs! Graphic photos to scare them from the evil meat eaters! No thank you this stuff is just too graphic for my children. The purpose of this is only for PETA to get children scared to eat meat
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Just fair warning..I felt that the peta kids club sent stuff that was a little too graphic for my kids...older ones should be fine but just know there are some graphic (unfourtunatly accurate) pictures :) GO VEG!