Free Personalized Video Message from Santa

Free Personalized Video Message from Santa
Visit this offer and create a personalized video message from Santa.

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Frwe it is not free. False advertising
I got it to work and the sound wasn’t working, waste.
lesley watts
said was free then wanted payment so tyred do that but took for ever so cancelled it
I just tried this site AGAIN and it still does not work on my computer. I cannot get past the 1st step. On my mobile, i cant get past the 3rd step. And the java script download has a trojan virus attached to it!
I tried this a few days ago and couldn't get past the 2nd step. And when I loaded the flash player, it came with a Trojan virus. My son loved this last year and it would have been neat again this year.
Would love for this to work. This year need all the help we can get
It worked but man I was ready to pull my hair out! It took forever..haha
Bummer, it wouldn't let me get past step 1. And my kids would have loved to see this.
This site is awesome!! Used it tons last year plan on using it this year too.Don't forget your adult pranks too had so much fun with it :)
what to do after step 4.?? i clicked the next button but nothing working.. :(