Free Miller Lite T-Shirt

Text TMCF to 90464 to get a code. Visit this offer and follow the instructions.

Void in TX and CA

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If it brings you to regular facebook when you enter that address, it's 'cause you aren't 21. I don't really want this shirt but was getting it for my bf to wear as a night shirt, or w/e he wanted. But it wouldn't go, so I went onto my moms account, and entered the link and it let me on.
Howerever, the offer is now over.
Not in CA? Ugh!
No name
The website is. Then put in your code.
you rock, ILFT!!!!! thank you so very much for what you also do
thank you so very much for the code..that was eral sweet of you for doing that...YIPEEEEE!!!! i get me a tshirt----->YOUR T-SHIRT WILL ARRIVE BY MAIL SOON.

@ Anonymous, Thanks for the info... It worked for me.. I used the code that was given in the first comment by Anonymous, GCJXQFHQ. For the people that are having trouble, Make sure you "Like" them before you try and enter the code. It is a Quick and easy form. Thanks ILFT.
It worked, thanks for the code :)
It keeps taking me to my homepage
I have a code as well if anyone wants to try it. N7X7XRJJ
won't work for me :(