Free LED Keychain Light and Free Light Bulbs at Lamps Plus

Free LED Keychain Light and Free Light Bulbs at Lamps Plus
Lamps Plus offers various coupons and two no purchase necessary freebies: Free Light Bulb and Free LED Keychain Light! Just visit this page, fill out the form, select the offers you want, then click the "Get Coupons" button and check your email. Your coupons will be sent to you via e-mail to print and use at any Lamps Plus lighting superstore.

Limit one free bulb coupon per family. Coupon valid for one L.E.D. keychain light, item SKU number P8307, while supplies last.

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I like LED light bulbs
I printed out my coupon last night and picked it up in the store today. So yes you can really get a keychain light for free with no purchase. The keychain says lamps plus on it so they are still spreading their advertisement.
Free stuff coupons only good when u go to the store.
I'm in CA and There are 4 LAMP PLUS stores near me but there not completely close...
I just printed out my coupons and they say free. We shall see.
Only in 7 states.....
who has a lamps plus store to go to... not free