Free Kids' Safe Zone No Spanking Stickers

Free Kids' Safe Zone No Spanking Stickers
Email to order your supply of weather/fade resistant, adhesive-back, vinyl KIDS' SAFE ZONE stickers.

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I dont believe in spanking I never ever touched my kids it is not right talking is much better thanks
about those stickers I tried to order them with there email it just kept coming back as undeliverable but i did try feedback so maybe that will work just wanted you to know
I spank my monkey!
Kris holian
Spanking kids is just wrong
It's all about discipline, not punishment. We want to train our kids, not just inflict penalty as retribution for an offense (loosely quoting dictionary here). Spanking as a form of discipline is all well and good if you know what you're doing, but so many people use it reactively instead of proactively. Frankly, spanking just doesn't work for me. I use the "1, 2, 3 Magic" method, and have found it much more helpful. It's also easier to keep my cool in tense situations. =) There are plenty of disciplinary methods out there; the key is to remain consistent. Stick to your guns, as it were. Find something that works for you and you don't HAVE to spank. Then you don't have to defend your methods. Also, your children are less likely to have anger management issues. Good luck!
Physical violence is primitive and immature. It's the 21st century and we are still acting like savage animals. If you are an adult and you feel you have to hit a child to get them to behave, then you are neither in control of them nor yourself. Children are sponges who take in everything they see and experience and it's those things that shape their behavior in the future. Solving our disagreements with our children with violence teaches our children to solve their problems with violence.
I wasn't even going to comment on this until I saw this: Brispick "anyone else see a correlation between those who support spanking and their lack of grammar skills?" I think that it's okay to spank your child to teach them something as long as its not abuse and they understand you still love them. I also know how to use proper grammar. I am a highly educated individual and I've done my research. Maybe you should open up your mind a little bit and do some research of your own. Until then, you have no right to judge. Oh, and "anyone" should be capitalized, it is the beginning of a sentence.
My own two cents on the subject before it gets old: if you spank a child, you are not teaching them discipline but rather you are teaching them to fear you.
anyone else see a correlation between those who support spanking and their lack of grammar skills?
Spare the rod, spoil the child.